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Festival Adviser… for all things dedicated to festival. Discover festivals from all over the UK and Europe

Festival ~ A prolonged period of celebration

Festival Adviser is a brand new startup dedicated to all things festival. The initial idea was first thought up over 6 years ago with the idea to help festival goers ferry their backpacks from cars to tents. That idea has since changed into Festival Adviser with the idea to be a complete one-stop festival shop for all things festival!

We know how difficult it us to work out which festivals to go to each year with there now being over 500+ in the UK alone so that’s why we’ve listed all major UK and European Festivals. They all have a presence on the site with links of where to buy tickets, maps and info. An online store featuring all the best equipment and festival fashion will be coming soon…

We want you to come and interact with Festival Adviser so please feel free to send in your Instagram photos to us and we can get them featured on our feed.
Happy Festivaling! X

The Festival Adviser team

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